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This book is a collection of perspectives. It’s not about one fucking thing.

This book does not mean to teach. It is written to make you think, which is why the charged language, the book title, and the harsh approach. Although the book does preach a whole lot, all I want from you is to think about it.

Essentially, this book is about freeing your mind from all the bullshit you have unknowingly attached yourself to and are suffering from ranging
from ideas of happiness to people in your life. It will rip into everything.

Whenever you disagree with something, write down in detail why, what is
your reasoning behind it, and pray to God while reading your reasoning
that it doesn’t sound like, I disagree because my feelings don’t like it.

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Shwetabh sir explaining about book name why Rudest book ever is title of book...

About The Author

Shwetabh Gangwar is a novelist, public speaker, professional problem-solver, and has over two million followers on YouTube. He dedicatedly solves people’s problems sent to him on his Instagram, and makes videos on as
many as he can. He defines it as the purpose of his life and what truly brings him meaning.


Author's Words

In the process, he has picked up on a simple pattern: people need a set of principles and perspectives to protect them from all the unnecessary bullshit they go through. Codes to live by, essentially.

But be warned: Gangwar has no desire to spare your feelings. What you will find in this straight-forward, straight-talking, no-craps-given guide, is:

How to deal with rejections of all kinds

How to change your perceptions of people so you don’t end up screwed

Why a society that sees people as ‘good and bad’ is dumb

How the search for happiness screws us over

How seeking approval and acceptance kills our individuality

The truth about social media influencers

Why we should be taught ‘how to think’, instead of ‘what to think

Laying out clear principles, YouTube megastar Gangwar shows you how to deal with the shit that has happened to you, is happening to you and will happen to you.

A refreshing, easy-to-read, and relatable guide, The Rudest Book Ever will make you rethink everything you’ve been taught.

So I will tell about Only First Chapter because in this blog I can't explain  whole book because this book totally depends upon perspective and perspective can over in number of line 

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So, here are a few things about you:

A person is not born ready.
A person has to be made ready.
The person is emotional in nature.

The person has to learn how to learn.

‘Emotional responses’ is a garbage teacher, because as a kid, the
emotional intelligence is underdeveloped.

Teaching what to think stops the product from learning how to think
and since the person doesn’t learn how to think, it grows up to be
confused and clueless regarding how to deal with this world..


Why are parents largely producing products that are unprepared to face the
challenges of this world?

It is a very important question, also a fantastic one. It is both important
and fantastic because it sits on the assumptions that:

  • All parents want to be parents in the first place.
  • People who become parents are mentally prepared to be parents.
  • People who become parents are mentally fit to be parents.


Very wise.

Aware of the child’s emotional struggles as it grows.

Aware of the nature of lessons to give with every phase in the child’s

Equipped with the sensitivity and command over ideas to present them
in a way which prevents practical ideas from being misused.

Careful not to over-instruct, which is a form of controlling, thereby
obstructing the natural growth of curiosity, learning and exploration of

Curious about the inclinations of the child.

Aware of when to let the child get hurt and when to intervene.


The Rudest Book Ever by Shwetabh Gangwar is probably one of the best self-help book I have read so far.Known for his strong remarks, a d straightforward approach he is well-known on Youtube as Mensutra where he post videos related to the problems of Youth and how to overcome them.

Divided in 17 chapters the book systematically discusses about our parenting, how we are controlled by our society, our workplace and what should be our mindset to overcome the situations and the toxic people around us.The reason why it appeals so much is becuse of its conversational style and use of colloquial language which feels like as if your elder brother is giving you advice, and it is the reason why the readers feel connected to the text.

Before you read this book make sure to read it slowly and re-read the chapters to understand the meaning completely.The main purpose of this book is to make you think, to make you evaluate your life and rewire it in such a way that nobody dares to exploit you again, and the book fulfils the purpose.

A Highly recommend this book to everyone, specially the youths. It is certainly a book worth reading.I give this book 4.5 stars for the amazing content, excellent writing style and systematic approach.

Happy Reading

Good Reads Community Reviews

Mahir P. Parek (5 star out of 5)

Speaking about a vast majority of people, I think this book might be nothing short of a revelation. At first, you might think that the content provided in the book is blatantly obvious and you had known this all along. You might even think that you've wasted your money buying this and it's just one more addition to your run-of-the-mill self help books which uses cuss words for sounding smart/genuine just for the sake of it. A book which became a walloping bestsellers in the recent years comes to my mind (If you know what I mean).

But upon further examination, just when you might start to think that you have had enough of this, you come across something and go, "Hmm... Interesting. That's something that I've never thought about." You start thinking (which is what Shwetabh wanted all along) and come to a realisation that contrary to what you had been thinking all this time - the majority of notions that you claimed to have known all this time were actually a result of all the conditioning you have had in your life!"

And to conclude, this book absolutely nails the job to perfection. Doesn't matter whether you're truly smart, intelligent, wise, clear headed (pick any word you can think), I think you should read this.

Everyone will get something useful out of it.

Utkarsha (2 star out of 5)

Falls Short of Expectaion

I had high expectations of this book considering certain excerpts that I came across and the high ratings. It was a disappointing read overall. I found it especially hard to read post the 30% mark of the book because some topics were dragged with baseless fillers. I had to force myself to finish it, hoping to unearth some gold nuggets (which I did). The author's tone is especially annoying at times, I understand that the idea is to zap the reader with 'tough love'/'brutal' kind of advice but it's just patronizing. He teaches you about self-respect but there's perhaps some cognitive dissonance in that regard when he addresses the reader.

The writing style is pretty average leaning towards unusual semantics that make sense to the author but are hard to follow for the audience. Many of his arguments are just 'because I said so' kind of viewpoints, no data or study or even a compelling story to back it up. So even if his argument is right, it just isn't compelling enough to absorb the book's full potential.

This book is directed towards teens and young adults, and the book could surely render useful to them as it is packed with some good advice. It's not a particularly intelligent or thought-provoking book but understandably that is to pander to a larger audience. My only recommendation to young folks is to take Shwetabh's advice with a grain of salt. He is his own person and most likely wouldn't want people to treat his book like the gospel truth either [refer to his notes of hero-worshipping].

Soumi Sen (5/5)

"Insanely practical ideas to free your mind from all bullshit"
This line sums up the book.
This book shows how we are losing our "self" day by day and becoming the follower of someone else by seeking acceptance of others or for social approval. The book briefly discusses parenting, how society compels everyone to do conventional things, and combat our minds from "how to think" and pushes it to "What to think".
Along with the problems, this book discusses how you can free our mindset from bullshit which is unknowingly attached to ourselves.
The straightforward approach and colloquial language form a connection between the reader and the book. It feels like someone very close to you is revealing the facts. The book states how the knowledge of "self" helps in overcoming all the toxicity around us and lastly the way of "how to think".
The world doesn't know you, therefore, it will sell you what it sells to everybody. The purpose of the book is to show a way how you can give all power to yourself rather than the world. This is a process that will take time to achieve but it will give you completeness and satisfaction from within.
If you are an emotional person, thinks about others opinions, is a blind follower of narratives and ideologies, seeks approval of others, want to be special in someone else's eyes, psychologically mauled by rejections, failures, and looses, stuck in a toxic relationship, follow the trends, have a role-model or hero or contorting your life in finding the momentary happiness then this book is for you.

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If I said something wrong about Rudest book ever book I am not very professional writer or book writer. so, sorry if I said something wrong.


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